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GcMAF Quality assays

Our GcMAF is made in highly professional sterile laboratories by highly qualified scientists.

It has the following internal essays:

1. Sterility – Prepared in sterile conditions, and put through a 0.22 micron filter to confirm the absence of viruses and bacteria.

2. Pearce Protein Quantification

3. Electrophoresis for product identification

4. RAW 264.7 live macrophage cell assay for activity, ie potency, or

5. Macrophages are added to live cancer cells. Nothing happens. Then they add GcMAF. In 72 hours the macrophages phagocytose (eat) all the cancer cells.

6. They add their GcMAF to cancer cells without macrophages. In 72 hours the GcMAF turns the cancer cells into healthy cells.

When a batch has passed all these tests its released to us.

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